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Antique crafted doors used as cabinet doors.

Antique showcase counter consisting of 3 parts. The dimensions are lxdxh 340x65x105 cm.

Antique deco windows with mirrors. These come in 275x210 cm and 228x161 cm.

Antique panel glass doors in frame with skylight. The dimensions are hxw 340x120 cm.

Antique window with mirrors. The dimensions are hxw 210x160 cm.

Antique double front door. The dimensions are hxw 275x120 cm.

Antique double panels with windows. The dimensions are hxw 213x130 cm.

Antique front door with polished glass. The dimensions are hxw 263x105 cm.

Antique church doors. The dimensions are hxw 290x170 cm.

Large wooden industrial sliding doors with original sliding system. The dimensions are hxw 280x275 cm.

Antique interior doors with polished glass. The dimensions are hxw 240x90 cm.

Antique double doors with polished glass 240x110 cm.

Sleek white acacia wooden dining table with matching dining bench. The sleek leg is made of black metal. The dimensions are for the table lxwxh 220x90x77 and 200x90x77 cm. The bench is 200x40x45 cm.

Grey wash acacia wooden oval table. The dimensions are lxwxh 200x105x76 cm.

White round iron bistro table. The diameter is about 120 cm and the height is about 75 cm.

Sleek table with white wah acacia wooden top and metal leg. The top is slightly curved at the sides. The dimensions are lxwxh 200x105x76 cm.

Vintage bathroom mirror with brass color frame. The mirrors are new. These are available with antique look mirrors or bright.

Antique counter with glass. The dimensions are lxdxh 244x51x107 cm and 305x51x107 cm. The back is fitted with flaps and sliding doors with glass.

Antique double panel doors. The dimensions are hxw 246x84 cm.

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