Antique sleek doors with solid bronze frame

"Antique sleek doors with solid bronze frame with glass. The doors are from a luxury ship. The doors are available in different sizes. There are 5 double and 3 single doors available with or without frame. The frame is newly made. The height of the doors in frame including the skylight is approximately 250 cm without the skylight of approximately 206 cm. The different widths that can be obtained in the frame are 79, 87, 132, 145, 150, 163 and 195 cm. " If you are interested in this product submit the enquiry button and send us your request. Please feel free to contact us on +31 (0)49 947 47 25 or send us an email to if you need any further information.
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Antique wooden sliding panel approx. 250x130 cm

Antique wooden column / pillar of approx 300 cm

Antique windowed door with sliding system hxw 250x93.5 cm

Antique orangery / 3-panel doors hxw 296x150 cm

Antique French exterior doors hxw 360x180 cm

Antique double glazed doors with roller sliding system

Antique windows with iron louvre doors

Antique 4-stroke doors with glass

Vintage small shutters approx. 50 cm high