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Vintage height-adjustable stool with black metal base and round decorated wooden seat. The diameter at the top is about 36 cm and the height is about 50 cm.

Vintage gray metal wire stool. The dimensions are approx lxdxh 40x40x75 cm.

Small old wooden stool / table with seat in heart shape. The dimensions are approx. lxdxh 31x22x34 cm.

Vintage green wooden stools. The dimensions are ca lxdxh 38x38x92 cm. The seat height is about 55 cm.

Vintage black metal bar stools. The dimensions are lxwxh 40x40x76 cm and the diameter of the seat is approximately 30 cm.

Vintage stools / plant table with metal base and teak top. The dimensions are lxdxh 31x31x74 cm.

Vintage high stool / plant table. The dimensions are: diameter approx 36 cm and the height is approx 74 cm.

Old teak stools / side table. The dimensions are lxdxh 30x30x45 cm.

Vintage white wooden stools. The dimensions are lxwxh 36x36x75 cm.

Vintage height adjustable stools. The base is made of metal and the seat is made of teak.

Small round wooden stools / tables. The dimensions are approx. Lxwxh 33x33x23 cm.