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Louvre shutters / doors

Antique set of leached louver shutters/doors of approx. hxw 230x112 cm.

Antique set of leached louvre shutters / doors of approx. hxw 230x112 cm

Set of 4 vintage closed shutters / doors in cream color

Set of 4 louvered shutters in natural color. The dimensions are approximately 255x100 cm.

Antique set of 4 louvered shutters. The dimensions are approx. hxw 273 cm high and 28 cm wide per hatch.

Antique louvered shutters/doors. The dimensions are approx hxw 295x120 cm.

Antique set of 4 louvre white leached shutters / doors

Antique doors with glass including sliding system.

Antique black wrought iron gate with bronze ornaments