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Pots & vases

Old iron barrels / umbrella bins. The diameter is about 25 cm and the heights are about 42, 52 and 60 cm.

Decorative canteens lined with colorful embroidered fabric. The dimensions are approx lxdxh 20x10x23 cm.

Vintage gray painted iron barrels. The dimensions are approximately 28x28x47 cm.

Old ceramic pots with lids. The dimensions are ca lxdxh 20x13x30 cm.

Large wooden pots. The dimensions are approximately 37 cm in diameter and 64 cm high.

Set of 4 zinc pots with handle. The pots are approximately 11 cm in diameter and 12 cm high per pot.

Set of 2 zinc pots with handle. The dimensions of the jars are approximately 13 cm in diameter and 10 cm high.

Iron dishes / pots available in sizes. The sizes are approx. diameter 30 cm and height 15 cm.

Small old bronze dishes. The diameter is about 9 cm.

Small terracotta flower pots with saucer. The dimensions of the jars are lxwxh 10x10x10 cm.

Small terracotta pots. The dimensions are approx: height 9.5 cm and diameter 6 cm.

Small decorated terracotta pots, flower pots. The diameter is about 12 cm and the height is also about 12 cm.

Round old copper box with lid. The dimensions are approx.: diameter 22 cm and height approx. 10 cm.

Several old bronze pots / planters in different sizes and models.

Set of 5 metal pots from small to large.