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Other Accessories

Old terracotta pitchers. The height is about 35 cm.

Two antique wooden wall panels. The dimensions are hxw 127x35 cm.

Antique wooden spinning wheel. The dimensions are lxdxh 120x30x140 cm.

Old green painted copper tray. The diameter is 90 cm.

Old iron Coca Cola cool box on legs from Egypt. The dimensions are lxdxh 76x40x80 cm.

Vintage blackboard / chalkboard. The dimensions are 180 cm wide, 140 cm high and the widest point of the leg is 52 cm.

Wooden and stone decorated coasters in round and square

Large old wooden cart wheel. The diameter is approximately 170 cm.

Old wooden letterbox. The dimensions are lxwxh 80x32x4 cm.

Antique wrought iron ornamental fence with candlestick. The dimensions are approx hxw 110x67 cm.

Set of 4 zinc pots with handle. The pots are approximately 11 cm in diameter and 12 cm high per pot.

Set of 2 zinc pots with handle. The dimensions of the jars are approximately 13 cm in diameter and 10 cm high.

Iron dishes / pots available in sizes. The sizes are approx. diameter 30 cm and height 15 cm.

Small hand-painted small square tables. The dimensions are approx lxwxh 36x36x14 cm.

Vintage square metal stool / table. The dimensions are approx lxwxh 30,5x30,5x37 cm.

Decorative hand-painted piggy banks made from recycled tin

Several old wooden moulds. The dimensions are approximately 68x40x13 cm.

Coat rack on a colored carved wooden holder. The dimensions are approx hxw 13x13 cm.