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Other Accessories

Antique cast iron oil cans. The dimensions of the large model are lxwxh 62x20x33 cm and of the small model are 44x13x12 cm.

Old large decorative baking trowels / spoons. The dimensions are approximately 30x30x70 cm.

Old painted and framed biology posters. The dimensions are hxw 95x65 cm.

Handmade percussion instruments in different sizes and colours. The height is about 55 cm.

Colorful tissue boxes. The dimensions are lxwxh 30x20x17 cm.

Old oil lamps in old bronze color. The height is about 43 cm and the diameter is about 20 cm.

Old large white bird cage. There are 2 sizes available: - 64x140 cm - 51x115 cm

Large teak panel made from old moulds. The dimensions are approx hxw 185x130 cm.

Decorative canteens lined with colorful embroidered fabric. The dimensions are approx lxdxh 20x10x23 cm.

Old red wooden mailbox. The dimensions are approx lxdxh 30x20x70 cm.

Old green wooden panels with iron fittings. The dimensions are hxw 158x83 cm.

Antique wooden make up case / jewelry box. The dimensions are lxwxh 50x5024 cm and the height with mirror is 70 cm.

Old door / wall panel of teak wood with metal. The dimensions are hxw 225x117 cm.

Vintage gray painted iron barrels. The dimensions are approximately 28x28x47 cm.

Antique teak folder standard. The dimensions are lxdxh 48x21x41 cm.

Antique doll in teak display case. The dimensions of the display case in which the doll is located are lxdxh 37x32.5x101 cm.

Antique wooden peacock on stand. The dimensions are approx lxdxh 40x8x34 cm.