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Home decoration

Vintage round white chakki table. The dimensions are lxwxh 68x68x25.5 cm.

Set of louvered shutters/shutters available in 203x92 cm and 203x110 cm.

Set of 3 zinc basins. The size of the largest part is approx lxwxh 45x37x20 cm.

Vintage white wire basket with 6 compartments. The dimensions are approximately 60x40x33 cm.

Old rectangular wooden bins. The dimensions are approximately 37x25x24 cm.

Round whitewashed chakki tables. The dimensions are approximately 70x70x30 cm.

Vintage iron trashcan. The dimensions are appr. 50x50x50 cm.

Old zinc tubs available in round and oval

Set of 3 openwork iron baskets. The dimensions are approx 36x32x12 cm, 32x32x11 cm, 26x26x10 cm.

Small old colored display cabinets. The dimensions are approx. Lxdxh 20x15x35 cm.

Small round wooden stools / tables. The dimensions are approx. Lxwxh 33x33x23 cm.

Old decorated bronze planter. The dimensions are approx. Lxwxh 70x25x25 cm.

Set of 5 metal pots from small to large.

Zinc wall flowerpot, the dimensions are lxdxh 22x15x21 cm