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Old green painted wooden pot. The dimensions are lxwxh 41x41x25 cm.

Old ship wall lamp in mint green. The diameter is about 10 cm and the height is about 21 cm.

Vintage wall lamp with brass holder and thick glass shade.

Vintage nautic / ship lamp. The dimensions are approximately 15x15x26 cm.

Old nickel-plated nautic ship ceiling / wall lamp. The diameter is about 22 cm and the height is about 13 cm.

Colorful tissue boxes. The dimensions are lxwxh 30x20x17 cm.

Antique double panel doors of about 235 cm high. The width of the doors vary from approximately 95, 100 and 110 cm.

Old large art deco palm tree floor lamp. The dimensions are ca lxdxh 70x70x145 cm.

Old oil lamps in old bronze color. The height is about 43 cm and the diameter is about 20 cm.

Small vintage green display cabinet. The dimensions are lxwxh 51x32.5x66 cm.

Large robust wooden candlesticks in different sizes and colours

Heavy cast iron old wall / ceiling ship lamps. The dimensions are approx lxwxh 26x20x12 cm.

Old analog German ship wall clock from Wempe. The diameter is approximately 19 cm.

Old analog Seiko ship wall clocks. The diameter is about 26 cm.

Antique teak display cabinet with black burnt-in edge. The dimensions are lxdxh 94x37x144 cm.

Antique teak display cabinets with white interior and sides. The cabinets have sliding doors. The dimensions are lxdxh 91x36x207 cm.

Decorative old wooden staircase. The dimensions are lxdxh 135x40x70 cm.

Large wooden horse made from pieces of recycled teak wood. The dimensions are approx lxwxh 120x20x125 cm.

Vintage height-adjustable stool with black metal base and round decorated wooden seat. The diameter at the top is about 36 cm and the height is about 50 cm.

Large wooden mirror with arch at the top. The dimensions are approx hxw 250x100 cm.