Is your company looking for authentic furniture with character? We see it as a competition to search for authentic and special furniture. We search all over the world, looking for the most beautiful materials for our customers.

Empire stands for quality, uniqueness and internationality. Our wholesale business focuses on B2B. We have been around for 25 years and we have customers worldwide. Thanks to our sales experience, we have a large network which allowes us to purchase special and unique products at competitive prices.We ensure the quality by first refurbishing all items, before they arrive at our customers. We have a wide range of antique items and building materials that are distinctive from other companies. Our range includes: antique building materials, vintage cabinets, showcases, counters, home accessories, ship items, lighting bars and much more.

Are you looking for something special and can not find it in our shop? You can submit a search.Service is our top priority, this is why we also provide tailor-made furniture. Through our sales parties we also have the possibility for transport and shipping of products. Curious about our assortment? Empire is located in Best just above Eindhoven and is easily accessible via the highway.